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12/18/14 | 2:42AM

Well its time for me to bitch about Verizon Wireless. 15 days ago I ordered the Iphone 6 Plus because our contract was up. They were supposed to put $450 on our bill and the ballance on my debit card. This was done well over 2 weeks ago. I went to bed thinking I was getting a new phone. I woke up and there wew 5 text messages on my phone that were sent during the night while I was sleep. As a result of not confirming the contract during the night, they cancelled the order and I was supposed to call them. I called and the agent told me everything was cancelled and I could go to the local Verizon store in Manheim...great...NOT! I go to the store get the whole order together and the sales person attempted to put the order through and we found out another order was placed. Therefore, I had to stop the current purchase, the sales person contacted customer support and I was assured that an expidited ticket was sent to the warehouse was sent to the warehouse and the order would be stopped and cancelled. This happend at 10:50 AM. At 330 PM I found out that a phone and accesseries was shipped out my card that was supposed to be charged $79.48 for the previous bill was now charged $549.89 for a phone I didnt order. I spoke with a supervisor and i was assured the refund and release from the 2 year contract that I did not agree too would be refunded that night. They didnt refund the money, told me they accidently sent the phone and I had to refuse it and they would let me out of this fraudulant contract and refund my money...10 days, after speaking with 13 supervisors and 15 phone center customer service reps, later 2 days after they have the phone back. I have Fedex confirmation, they are still holding my money and still have me locked into a contract that I did not create. Verizon Wireless has been dreadful with this whole process. I have no idea what else to do to get out of this contract I didnt agree to and get my money gack that I did not authorize. Im going to contact the FCC and The Consumer Purchasing Agency tomorrow. I cant wait to get rid of Verizon Wireless and get my money back.

jOHN B. - Verizon H8er ID: F53AA9

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12/27/14 | 18:10PM
This is very typical Verizon. They have multiple ways of ripping people off.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A15821

12/28/14 | 3:20AM
Sounds a lot like what they did to me with their crappy "high speed" internet years back. Almost identical and I was stuck with the bill. Keep on them be relentless and document.

Nazbom - Verizon H8er ID: 032482

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