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12/19/14 | 1:28AM
They wont take my money

After I cancelled my service with Verizon, for a variety of reasons, I found that my online account had been closed and the automated phone number I used to pay my bill with, no longer would allow me to make a payment. I assumed I would get my last bill in the mail, but after the due date came I called Verizon to find out how I can pay. They claimed they sent a bill, but they would send me another and it would take 2-3 days to get to my house. At this point they also informed me that printing the bill cost $5 and printing a second time is going to cost another $5. When I asked why I should have to pay to get a bill, they just read a line from a script that made no sense to me. I did not argue because I just wanted to get the whole thing over with. A week and a half later I still did not have a bill. During that time I called customer service two more times and stopped at two Verizon stores. Custom service told me the only thing they could do was send another bill for 5 more dollars and the only thing the stores could do was to tell me to call customer service. Finally about two weeks after my bill was due it came in the mail. It had instruction on how I could pay online or over the phone, but go figure neither of them worked because I don’t have an account with Verizon. So I wrote a check and mailed it back. Two days later I started getting calls from Verizon saying they want me call a phone number so they can speak with me about an overdue balance on my account. I was pretty upset they had the nerve to call me about an overdue bill that I had to practically beg them to send me, but after I called the number the number the Verizon rep knew just what to say to really put me over the edge. I explained to her that I had just received the bill 2 days earlier and immediately mailed it back with a check. I also told her that I wanted the calls to stop. Her only scripted response to that was” We are within our legal right to call your home and will continue to do so until the balance on your account is paid.” So now I am stuck getting these calls 3 times a day until the check clears. I have never been so insulted by a company in my life. After all the phone calls I made and the visits to their stores they treat me like I am the incompetent one. If they had the common sense to keep my account open, I could have paid them their money weeks ago online.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AE6F75

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04/16/19 | 6:48AM
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millieck18 - Verizon H8er ID: 86E23A

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