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12/24/14 | 15:16PM
FTC Should Require Cell Phone Cos. to Provide Total Pricing for Plans

I bought the everything plan with verizon. I was quoted $180. They left off the fees, surcharges, taxes etc. off the quote. The actual cost is $202.84 now. I spoke with Verizon and they said some representatives provide quotes for cell phone plans with the fees, surcharges, taxes, so the prospective customer knows what their proposed plan will actually cost. Other verizon reps do not. When verizon cell plan quotes do not include fees, surcharges, taxes, etc. they are very misleading. I am asking the FTC to please seriously consider requiring cell phone companies to require the fees, surcharges, and taxes on all cell phone plan quotes so that customers know what they will be paying rather than not knowing. Not knowing means we have no way to really price the plans. This should be an FTC requirement. Transparency in pricing should be an FTC concern with cell phone companies. Verizon could do it (and a few of their reps do) but they choose not to because it makes their plans seem to be lower than they actually are. Transparency please. FTC please get invovled!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F42B84

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