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12/28/14 | 3:12AM
Verizon flat out bull s@&t

So I'm sitting at my grandmothers watching her tv and it's Fios. For some reason the signal is lost so I decide to call and see wtf is up. I gave up Verizon years ago and while searching for a solution to this latest situation I found this site. I gave up good ole verizon in 2008. I was looking for a solution to high internet bills and where I live there aren't many choices. So I called to try Verizon's "high speed internet" and they had a free trial for 6 months or so. I gave it a try and hooked it up. Needless to say it sucked so I stayed with my previous service. I waited to cancel for a bit but called before my time period was up and was speaking to customer service about canceling. They were going through the questions and finally said they couldn't process at the time could I call back tomorrow. So I obliged and called back the following day. Well the following day was a day past the expiration of the free trial and they argued with me for a good while when I explained that I had called the day prior and was told to call back the next day. It fell on deaf ears and I got charged the entire months bill plus equipment. I refused to pay and have argued with them and still haven't paid. I took a credit hit over it and am pretty pissed but what diabolical practices. I know I should've prob not waited to call oraune cancelled sooner but I still think it's ridiculous for them to have behaved this way. To this day I will not use a verizon product (minus my grandmothers tv but don't have a choice there) and tout their terrible name to all who will listen. Oh and the Fios has been out for over 2 hours now with no resolve. At leasty current company never has outages like this and their internet works. Hope someone listens to this and learns. Stay away from the D-bags at Verizon.

Nazbom - Verizon H8er ID: E69DA4

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01/09/15 | 19:38PM
They are a bunch of ripoff artists.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A72D68

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