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12/29/14 | 15:11PM
Cut my bandwidth by 2/3 overnight

So I had a locked in double play rate for two years that expired on 12/27/14. I decided on 12/23 to select a new double play package online with chat assistance. There is no FIOS in my area and I had to choose DSL again. My speedtest always came back about 5.34 mbps, the package only allowed 1.1-3mbps. The service rep insisted I would get the highest bandwidth available in my area. On 12/24 I did the speed test at 5.34 mbps. The new service "kicked in" on 12/25. On 12/26 my speedtest showed 1.53 mbps. When I contacted Verizon they insisted it was the fastest possible speed for my area. My entire zip code did not expire on the same day. My fastest possible was magically cut from 5.34 to 1.53 in one day. They are liars. If I want a landline in my area, I'm forced to use them and now I have to look for my internet elsewhere. The single play is MORE than the double play. This should be illegal. I read they are cutting bandwidth on DSL lines to eventually phase them out as the maintenance is not cost effective for the greedy piece of dung company that they are!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D50D07

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01/01/15 | 17:17PM
This happened to us as well. Unfortunately someone less tech savvy in my household went with a bundle plan and we lost our mid-speed package. Now I can't even return back to the old package, and the new identical packages (called "Enhanced Internet") are "unavailable in my area."

It's a lie, and you are probably right. They are simply phasing them out. Guess it's time to move into the city, or something - because I don't think there's anything I can do about this.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CCDE34

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