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12/30/14 | 16:36PM
verizon took away my kids christmas

its odd how i never went over on data until the last two months of this year, at the same time verizon gave me NO access to their site siting "security issues" meanwhile they raped me 590.00 in overages in nov and 640.00 in dec. and now that they finally gave me access to my account and i can watch it daily i'm nowhere near the usage and NOTHING was changed, using internet. i used it the same all year long.they emptied my bank account with my little savings to add to their billion dollar account. this is not right yet they are allowed to just rape you out of greed. this country is the united states of greed. i even went to our local news channels with no help, and its odd cuz i guarentee i wasnt the only one

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8C6938

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01/08/15 | 20:30PM
Verizon is an unethical, greedy, scumbag company. We need competition in our area, cause they are currently the only provider of services for our home phone and internet. They know they have a monopoly in our area and treat their customers like crud here. For wireless phone service I've had AT&T forever, and though they have some problems like most big companies, I have always felt like a respected customer overall. If I go over on my usage with AT&T they add like $10 or $15 to my bill to bump us up to a higher data plan and this after giving me lots of text msg updates about usage.

Hate Verizon in So Cal - Verizon H8er ID: 5FC5EE

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