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01/19/15 | 4:19AM
10 Reasons Amazon Prime Instant Video is Better than Verizon Fios TV

I am so eager to get off of Verizon Fios triple play and challenged to find a cost effective alternative. In my purusuits, I started with Amazon Prime Instant Video and now switched to NetFlix.

10 Reasons Amazon Prime Instant Video is Better than Verizon Fios TV

1. BETTER ONLINE VIEWING– Amazon offers better interface, easier login, faster upload, and works better with weaker WiFi connection.

2. NO BILL CREEP – Amazon Prime is one flat annual price - $99/yr. Verizon Fios increases every month after promotions. I signed up with Verizon Fios paying $100/mo with fully loaded services that creeped up to $250/mo! After ongoing and persistent haggling, it is possible to strip down services and get a lower bill but it requires diligence and many hours on the phone with customer reps.

3. CHEAPER – Amazon Prime is $99/yr and with Fios costing much more than $99/mo! With price creep, my monthly bill almost doubled to $172. Yes, Fios does more things but its not cheaper.

4. NO CONTRACT LOCK FOR UNCERTAIN TERMS. Fios locks in a two-year contract without clarity on pricing.

5. NOT REQUIRED TO BUY STUFF I DON’T WANT: Amazon includes free overnight shipping for their merchandise – useful and great value. Fios insisted I accept a telephone landline I didn’t want.

6. NO FALSE ADVERTISING– Amazon never emails junk. Verizon Fios sends endless promotions that are usually extremely difficult to access even with follow up calls with service staff.

7. EASY ACCESS TO BEST PRICING. Amazon shoves best price in your face. Fios makes promotional pricing EXTREMELY difficult to access.

8. ONLINE HELP IS HELPFUL – it’s easy to get help online with Amazon, Fios help files and online chat are a joke.

9. EASY ACCESS TO FREE VIEWING. Amazon prime makes it easy to view for free. Fios makes it extremely difficult to distinguish what’s free from what’s not.

10. EASY TO PAY FOR A PREMIUM MOVIE ONLINE. Easy on Amazon, virtually impossible on Fios.

Fios might offer networks TV but that is free elsewhere and what they make available is mostly junk. The only high value service Fios provides that Amazon doesn’t is internet connectivity and very pleasant telephone customer reps, but the price sucks. Can you tell, I just spent two hours haggling with Fios?

Sean - Verizon H8er ID: 0020D1

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