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01/22/15 | 4:29AM
Verizon is ripping us off

Verizon Sucks:
Over 3 hours on the phone and this chat session.

Your Chat Session ID is RT19800448209.

Jenny: yes, i have questions about my bill, i have been on the phone with verizon twice today and cannot seem to get a straight answer
Jenny: i have always paid my bill on time, they said there would be a credit applied today, and i still havent seen it
Evonna: I'm sorry to hear that. Thank can be frustrating. I will be more than happy to look into this for you. Please give me a second to pull up your account.
Jenny: also i noticed in October two payments were deducted out of my bank, but not all the money is showing as paid
Evonna: I'm looking into your notes right now.
Jenny: sept 27th a payment for 320.78 and a payment of 124.94 but only 180 and 104.11 were credited
Your chat transcript will be sent to renerod****@gmail.com at the end of your chat.
Evonna: So since the credit was applied today it will not show until 2-3 billing cycles. And I will check on the other credits.
Jenny: no no no, they said that same thing to me in October
Jenny: they must have everyone reading from the same book
Jenny: nothing but run a rounds with verizon
Jenny: tell me what its going to cost me to shut off all my line plesae
Evonna: The credits usually take that long to show on the bill. I do apologize, I will try to look further into this matter for you.
Jenny: so you’re telling me it takes over 3 months to get a credit but only appox. 5 seconds to take my money? That’s ridiculous
Evonna: It can take up to that long. If you give me one moment I can see what I can do for you
Evonna: I apologize for the wait my system was loading.
Evonna: I see on here that there is a credit pending.
Jenny: when will i see it?
Jenny: 2 to 3 billing cycles?
Evonna: I've been it does take that long but obviously its been about that long so it should've been processed by now.
Evonna: It was processed on 11/25 so by this January 25th you should see it
Jenny: I am frustrated with Verizon, that credit still does not explain why my bill was so much, even with that credit my bill was to high.......please tell me how much I need to pay to cancel ALL my lines,
Evonna: I do apologize. I will get that information for you.
Jenny: I will box up all 5 phones and send that back tomorrow, just need a amount
Jenny: ok
Evonna: Okay theres a couple of early termination fees for $250.00, 130.00, $180.00 and $170.00=$730.00
Jenny: so that's everything? do i need to send my phones back?
Jenny: and why are there termination fees if i am on the edge program
Evonna: I will find our for you.
Evonna: For the verizon edge you will need to send in the device so you will not have any fees.
Jenny: Ok, so $730.00 and i will send in all the phones on the edge.....that's it?
Jenny: and just out of curiosity, how long have i been a Verizon customer?
Evonna: Correct.
Evonna: You have been with us since 08/15/2011. I do apologize. I see the credit was made on your account and it is pending it just seems to be taking longer than usual.
Jenny: and the $730.00, will verizon give me 2 to 3 billing cycles to pay it?
Jenny: I will call tomorrow and cancel with customer service
Evonna: I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like me to provide you with the number and hours of operation?
Jenny: no thank you, i have called so many times i have it on speed dial
Evonna: I see.
Evonna: I'm sorry this has to be so frustrating and complicated.
Jenny: thank you, enjoy your evening
Evonna: Thank you. You as well.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D93895

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01/22/15 | 5:28AM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 730570

01/23/15 | 20:44PM
They do use the same playbook for everything don't they even the same apology let me know how you make out I want to see buisness ethics become enforcible by law

Bill rollins - Verizon H8er ID: 10A416

05/08/19 | 9:47AM
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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 2C3AD8

05/21/19 | 4:33AM

Brianthich - Verizon H8er ID: 388F1A

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