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01/23/15 | 20:28PM
Verizon stores don't. Care as long as you sign without reading contract

I was waiting for my Verizon contract to run out so I could move to another carrier unknown to me my son upgraded to new iPhone so I went to Verizon store in abington ma talked to Lauren about a new plan my friend had bought the wife and I new 5c from the Apple Store I wish he hadn't he bought Verizon ones so I tell Lauren I'm on a budget wanted to lower my bill it was averaging 220 a month and it was time to get my daughter a phone Lauren said she could help put me on the edge plan give me three new phones because the 2 5cs wouldn't work they were less th an 6 months old after her pitch even though I told her several times I don't care about any of her sales I just wanted my total bill to be at 200 or less total a month did I mention 200 or less total a month she worked her magic and told me it would be 192 plus tax of about 8 bucks I said are you sure 3 times she said yes I said ok then did I mention I have low vision I did to Lauren I have a hard time reading now in a few short years I will be on disability because of it henceet budget is important to me now first bill over 400 wow connection charges and stuff she told me after that would go to 200 guess what 342 was the next bill and several calls frustration going to the store calling Verizon no where the store said I signed even though Lauren remembers the conversation that I said if you can't keep it at 200 or less my bill 342 so now dropped my plan to 500 mb no insurance I'll be paying 224 a month to get out of the contract I over 2000 dollars yep early term fees and phones with less memory than my 5c to pay for so my suggestion print up your own contract have a Verizon employee sign it if they want your buisness so you have a dissatisfaction clause good luck with that also had some charges that the girl I spoke with didn't want to spend time anymore ironic thing was her name was patience or so she claimed not the case in her demeanor I suggest T-Mobile or anyone else for that matter no contracts the best way to protect your rights

Bill rollins - Verizon H8er ID: A41E71

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02/02/15 | 7:56AM
no contracts would be heaven!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1A2F77

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