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02/04/15 | 0:25AM
Bait and Switch

My name is James . On Jan 25 I called to report my son's phone was lost or stolen and asked that it be temporarily deactivated. On Jan 30th at 12:12 PM I called back to ask about activating an old flip phone to that number and the gentleman that I talked to said sure I could do that but instead I should take a deal that he was offering where I could have either a Galaxy S5 for free or an Iphone 6 for a dollar. I asked if I would be able to put the S5 on my phone number and have my existing Droid assigned to a new number for my son and he said yes. I told him that I would research the phones to see which I preferred. On Feb 2, at 3:29 PM I called to tell them that I would like to receive the deal offering the Galaxy 5. I was told that there was no such offer available by Penny, but she transferred me to telemarketing and stayed on the line while the gentleman there also told me there was no such offer. After being denied the offer, I told the telemarketing rep to transfer me to his supervisor, that I was a long time customer who payed his bill regularly and that there were other services than Verizon available. Penny jumped back in and told me that she could offer me the Galaxy S5, for free, and that she was making a note to that effect. I asked to make sure that there were no hidden fees or that I wouldn't get surprised later and she repeated that it would cost me nothing other than restarting a 2 year contract. She asked if I would like for her to send the phone to me or if I wanted to pick it up in store. I told her that I would pick it up in the Brunswick GA store tomorrow and she said that would be fine. When I went to the Brunswick store they started to charge me for the phone and I told them, no, look at Penny's notes. They said the only thing that Penny did was to set my renewal date for Feb 2nd, not indicate that I was to receive a free phone. I immediately called customer service, who asked to talk to the store tech and verified that I had talked to someone. The tech told me that since Penny did not make the proper notations I could not receive the phone. The store manager backed up the tech.
Note. I never intended to upgrade my phone. It was your folks that offered it to me. The fact that your folks do not make the proper notations when customers call in is your fault not mine. I intend to get the phone that you guys promised me, under the conditions you guys promised. I would not be upset at all if you had simply provided the service I called in to receive, but once you promised something, and I drove 35 miles to get it, I am far from pleased. I don't want to make threats, but you have just turned a customer who was generally satisfied with a service to the degree that he had passed up much cheaper plan offerings into one who is greatly dissatisfied. You have a chance to fix this. Please do so. Understand, as I have told several of your folks: I am retired. I have all the time in the world to walk up and down in front of your store with a sandwich board. I have worked in corporate America and understand how things work. At some point someone within Verizon is going to say “this is chicken shit. Someone made a mistake promising something we don't offer. Penny told him to go get it and then didn't do the paperwork. He has invested significant time and energy and is now prepared to do us as much damage as he can legally do. Give him what he was promised and end this and stop wasting my time.”
Update. On 2-3-2015 I called in at 9:17 AM. After being told all the plans that didn't work for me and having the agent tell me how sorry he was for the misunderstanding he finally put me on the list for a supervisor. Cory decided to tell me how he had looked at my phone record and on the date that I was originally offered the phone the call had only lasted for 34 seconds and there was no way I could be promised a phone in that time, suggesting I was lying. I just checked my phone and there was a phone call of 34 seconds at 10:33 AM in which I found myself on the wrong menu. I called back and talked to someone else at 10:35 AM. That call lasted for 4 minutes and 44 seconds. But that was not the call in which the offer was made. The offer was made on January 30th at 12:12 and lasted 6 minutes and 45 seconds.

He then instructed me to write:
Verizon Wireless attn correspondence team
5029 Wallford CN 06492

James Files - Verizon H8er ID: 2D27C4

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06/08/19 | 15:05PM


landpiosi - Verizon H8er ID: CBD03A

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