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02/10/15 | 20:56PM
inside info

As a current wireless call center rep (nom fios) man seems like fios is nothing but problems at least wireless isn't as bad. Anyways just so you know when you call Verizon you are talking to someone in America yes but were usually third party vendors who work for our original company who was contracted by Verizon so my perspective isn't brainwashed. In my center we actually have the highest call resolution percentage in the nation BecAuse we take our time and help the customer. Granted a lot of the time the customer still is not happy but I have had a lot of unhappy customers thank me for at least telling them the truth. Everything though is based on numbers if you have a high handle time your pay goes down you fail too many surveys your pay goes down AND you get written up credit to much you get fired disconnect to many lines you get fired so please please PLEASE keep in mind that we ate under a lot of stress when you call in wondering if this will be the call that could get us fired

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 73F79D

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03/31/19 | 2:22AM
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Smntrustgt - Verizon H8er ID: FABCBE

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