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03/08/15 | 5:46AM
Don't worry we have no intention of robbing you blind.

I went into Verizon for a smart phone. I was a little late on the band wagon and at the age of 20 this would be my first smart phone. My family had verizon and everyone I knew had them as well, so why not go there.
Anyway, I was told that the cheapest plan I could get was 60 dollars a month. Okay, that was a little painful considering my prepaid was 35, but a smartphone more means spending more money right? Low and behold though we get through the process of activating the phone and the price quickly rockets up to seventy, then 80, until finally rounding up to 90 dollars a month for one fucking phone!
"Don't worry" the sales person told me, "The first bill is always the worst but it'll go down after that."
It didn't.
The only thing that was consistent about the price was that while it managed to go up frequently it never seemed to fall under 85 dollars.
Finally, I had enough--WHO WOULDN'T!--so I looked for a new plan. Boost by the way is great. 38 Dollars a month--counting tax by the way--for unlimited every thing and a 1 gig of data, which we have wifi so that's not bad.
I go into Verizon to clarify that my contract is month by month based and I can cancel at the end of the month, return the phone I'm renting apparently, and be done. I'm told that yes that's entirely possible. Unfortunatley, when I go end to do just that at the beginning of the next month I get a salesperson who stares at me like I'm a moron and a snide, "No, we can't do that, mam"
Now, lucky, smart me who thought Verizon was a viable option, has to pay the full 300 dollars for a phone I'm not even going to use and the bill for a month that I don't even have th chance of using! WTF VERIZON!
Just WTF!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DDC12A

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02/26/19 | 23:29PM
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patrickdj3 - Verizon H8er ID: 68460E

06/17/19 | 7:01AM
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BryceFem - Verizon H8er ID: 542758

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