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03/10/15 | 21:36PM
modding software

Ok my phone an lg g2 had a minor hardware failure the vibration motor burned out so i need to get a new one. It was rooted and I needed to unroot makes sense (but still root shouldn't matter if you can actually do it correct they should really take modding software off of void warranty list). But anyway tech just says roots are bad and it caused it, total bs this happened almost 5 months after i got rooted. and now they want me to use they're Verizon cloud and everything. I rooted so I wouldn't have to deal with this crappy lg rom in the first place. The OTAS break my phone and the rom is just to make verizon more money i usually keep data off and only turn it on when i need it, but every time I boot up it says "mobile data is off bla bla bla".

I like android i'm learning to build apps for it but verizon android no never. they put so much bloat ware that it takes up most of your internal storage. Another thing is with verizon android you dont get full dev options. Thats really big. If say i have an app INDEV and i need to debug half the stuff i can't use. I intentionally got an AOSP rom because first i like it better and it gives me everything I need from full dev options to allowing me to do things verizon says I cant do.
Just goes to show a great device (lg g2 have you seen its specs?) can be ruined by a bad carrier and bad software.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3830DA

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