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03/12/15 | 1:57AM
Verizon Store Worse Than DMV

I went to a Verizon store to see if I could find a cheap phone to temporarily replace the Moto X that I'd destroyed by dropping it accidentally. After five minutes of standing there, the manager (busy with someone else) asked if anyone had checked me in yet. I said no. He checked me in but said:

"I have six or seven people in front of you but only three people working, so it will be about 30 - 45 minutes."

What? Why do you only have 3 people working then?! Is this a private company in a capitalist economy or the DMV? Answer, it's just like the DMV because it's part of an oligopoly. They spend as little as possible on their stores because they know most people won't switch because it's too big of a hassle or the "competitors" don't have service in their area.

After five minutes waiting (it takes less time to buy a car than a phone, literally, for some reason) I watched the manager take two calls while dealing with the person in front of me. Since he was taking calls (I guess they're more important than people who actually take the time to come to the store) I interrupted and asked if I could explain my problem so I wouldn't have to wait 45 minutes for nothing. He graciously let me do so.

He then informed me that my "cheapest" option was to buy a flip phone for $150. Or I could go to WalMart and buy a prepaid phone from Verizon for less than $50. But that wouldn't have my phone number because it didn't use a sim card. The only way to keep my number was to buy a $150 phone while I wait to deal with Motorola while mine gets fixed.

Am I the first person to break their phone on a trip? Why does Verizon not have a cheap prepaid option that you can activate onto your account. No one would keep it in lieu of a smart phone so they wouldn't lose money. Why do they not have their stores fully staffed? Why why why. Because they don't care. Because they don't need to. Because the inertia of not switching carriers is too strong and service too uneven to offer any real competition.

Verizon sucks. But I'm sure AT&T, et al. aren't any better. USA USA!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9F55CF

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03/12/15 | 21:48PM
LMAO!! What's great analogy and great story. I'm sorry that happened to you but you hit the nail on the head. At my store they actually have 6 or 7 people working but they are soooo freaking slow. They have one person "signing" people in which is asinine to begin with. They wont\can't answer any questions like we can't sign ourselves in? What a waste of space. Then at least 4 of them don't know the answer to anything and the one other representative is answering the phone. I dread having to go there. I honestly don't know why they are even open. I try to do everything on line but there website isn't much better. Good luck!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C6A98C

04/17/19 | 7:00AM
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