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03/14/15 | 18:33PM
why i hate verizon

If Verizon goes out of business I will dance on its grave; I will feel sorry for its employees who were forced to do evil on its behalf – maybe they will file chapter 11 and their jobs will be saved by a hostile takeover.
Time line of this morning:
• 11;00 Received a bill for $141 for and acct that was cancelled in early feb. for a contract that expired 2/4/15.
• 11;10 Call 2 customer service – pleasant lady named Madeleine reassured me that I would receive a credit of $120 for an early cancellation fee and that a revised statement will be sent.; I feel good; I thank her for being so helpful and we say good bye.
• 11;45 receive voice mail from Madeleine saying that I hung up in the middle of the call and it is mandatory to stay on the phone for the whole transaction and need to call back to the call center. She adds that she has annotated my acct and any one can assist me.
• 12:00 I call back to the call center and speak to Will and he says that he cannot process the credit to my account (I feel bad) and he gives me a 800# and tells me it is another dept. (Ifeel good); I get a voicemail for a collection agency (I feel bad).
• 12:30 I call back to the call center and speak to Chantall and recount the morning’s events and how Verizon needs to honor the promises made by Madeleine; she tells me she can forward me to someone who can help me (I feel good) – she transfers me to the collection agency’s voicemail (I feel bad).
• 1:00 Talk to Marcus and raise h---y h-ll; he tells me that the charge was valid, I remind him that Verizon should honor the assurances their reps make (they all admit that the assurances were made). After extensive argument and a warning that he not transfer me to the collection agency he gives me a break $25 off the balance.
• From 11:45 on I am telling each that I will do what I am doing now – facebook post, complaint letters, better business bureau complain


manuelderegil - Verizon H8er ID: ED3038

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03/15/15 | 12:42PM
Social media actually works. I know 2 friends that have posted their problem on one of the avenues and someone from Verizon actually contacted them within a week of their complaint and got it resolved. I know that seems like a long time, and you shouldn't have to jump through these hoops but I hope it works for you. Good luck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 37D81C

05/02/19 | 0:48AM
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maidg3 - Verizon H8er ID: 4AC77B

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