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03/17/15 | 20:29PM
Verizon Business Plan...Screw you to the Max

Contracted salesman promises the earth moon and stars...I switch, and sign a 2 year contract..None of the perks promised by the salesman are delivered...Verizon tells me I have to take that up with the door to door sales group...Huh What???? Bills are wrong EACH AND EVERY MONTH and no amount of calls ever fixes them. Believe me I had the just over 2 years, and then I fired them. Never in my life did I spend so much wasted time trying to get things straight with ANY company. My contract is fulfilled so I call and ask them how much I owe to a certain date, and then I am sending everything back and done once and for all with Verizon...Then send me a number, I pay it and send the equipment back...A month later on the same day Verizon calls and promises me more crap to come back I get a letter from a collection agency stating I still owe Verizon $26...I throw the letter in the trash. Every 3 months I get another letter from this collection agency saying I still owe Verizon $26. Hey Verizon, you SUCK in the absolute biggest way...how much was the 100+ hours I spent on hold trying to fix YOUR MISTAKES worth ...do I ever get compensated for that...I hope your stockholders are happy because you have MANY Customers that aren't...You'll never get another penny from me even if you become the only game in town. If this rant gets just 10 people to decide never to deal with you it will have been worth it to me. Short term profit (from your horrible business model) will hopefully bite you in the A** in the long term.. You are the worst company BY miles I have ever had to deal with...AND I AM BY FAR NOT THE ONLY ONE.... NOT AFRAID TO SIGN MY NAME TO THIS LETTER EITHER

Bryan Stableford - Verizon H8er ID: 8B7676

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03/19/15 | 4:47AM
You didn't read your contract you signed with the outside reps most don't read the fine print with the taxes and surcharges just blame yourself !!! And before you agreed you should have called in first to make sure you understood what you were buying !!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 16CE9E

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