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03/17/15 | 22:16PM
verizon rep set me up

I am a new customer of verizon wireless. I paid my monthly fee to verizon, I called them half month later to make sure I didn't owe them anything. the verizon rep I talked to said I have no payment on record, that is, I didn't pay my bill. but I did, I screen shot my bank statement and emailed to them, yet this is not my biggest concern. in the month of January, I opened a family plan for two lines, I screen shot the conversation of the verizon rep and my. The total is supposed to be $172.48 for two iPhone payment plans and 10G family data plan all together. My internet data usage is around 1G per phone per month for the last 3 years I have been with sprint, and my data was unlimited. the Verizon rep said they separated my two lines, make them 10G family data plan for each line, so I owe them double the amount of data plan, the rep said I now owe them $400+. I said that was absolutely not what I asked for, and I screen shot the conversation, because I kind of knew they would do this to me.I talked with several of them on the phone for several hours to solve the above two problems. but their rep has little knowledge of how the company operate,and could not fix the problem on their ends. Also, their reps are kind of lazy and just wanted to get off the phone, keep yawning the whole time on the phone with me, I thought I was talking to a drug addict, maybe this is the case. Bottom line, verizon rep made mistake customer should not pay for it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 079862

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