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03/24/15 | 17:07PM
All this is true, I used to work for them!!!!!

So I was working for Verizon wireless for around 4 months and it was unveliveable all the things I saw in that short period.

See I switched from a company that I have worked for 13 years looking to move up and maybe be recognized for my knowledge since the former company did not do that in all of those years.

I went through training and it was like "Man I'm impressed, I guess is true Verizon does have the best network, the trainer is all about like "Verizon has open policy anything said is taken into consideration, we listen to what our employees have to say to make the company better", all of this things were like "Man this is my last stop, i'm not going anywhere. They had put me in a Smart Store (Store that has pretty much a different concept as regular stores, where the interaction is upposed to be more personal, me being all about customer service, that was like something I kept saying to the other company to do, to make our customers see that we want their business and more.

So my training ended, was looking forward to see everything in real life. and BAM!!!!! no manager for like a month, cause he got fired, the ASM's did not provide any help at all, as a matter of fact they were most of the time watching movies and texting in the salesfloor, the only time they would engage with customers was when they wanted to speak to a manager, because of bill issues, contracts they did not know they had, etc. Same things you all are complaining about. I kept saying to myself that this is a nightmare, but since I was new, who can you talk to about all this?

With my previous employer it was almost the same thing and when you went to talk to HR, "nada" that is the best job in the world, cause they don't do squat, for employees, they help management fire employees that's about it.

One Friday, my first Friday off, a Regional president of the area wanted to give us a breakfast as appreciation for our sales (aka lies to increase numbers) and I was unhappy, did not wanted to go to that breakfast, but my wife insisted and told me to embrace it and have fun. So i did, the Regional President's name Mariano Legaz, he gives a speech on how bad he had it on a hotel in Miami that he stayed and how good of cutomer service he received from the hotel across the street that he thought to himself how can Verizon do the same thing to have customers promote the company more. I thought to myself " this is it!!!" So i approach the guy and arranged a meeting. Made an appointment and showed up with my presentation.

I said" What are the reasons most marriages don't last?" They gave me like 2. Those are "Lies, Cheating, Verbal and physical abuse, Fianancial problems, etc. Well the thing is that this are the same reasons we then don't stay with a company, no matter how good they are. Specially when there is abuse and lies and cheating, cause once they do it, they'll keep doing it. That if they took out the commissions, then store employees won't have a reason to lie and cheat, cause they get paid no matter what. How the system is right now, people can purchase what they want online w/o the hassle of being sold more stuff that they don't want or need. If you have the option of buying an iphone through Amazon for hypothetically speaking .01 cent or $200 at the store, which one would you pick? Cause I'll do Amazon anyday, but if a person in the store takes the time to explain w/o pushing other things and making sure that the bill is explained and dissect it for me, then maybe I 'll buy it at the store with more things, cause that is what I look for. But because I saw how it is at the store, where one employee looked for his next customer, because the customer wanted to do a return, he argued and bitched until he could get rid of his customer, but when that same customer then decided to buy a $330 speaker, he was like oh I can help you with that.

Apparently they agreed and decided they were gonna head in a different direction, when I went to my store everything changed, my store was in I have to fire you mode, he would not listen, he actually told me I get paid to sell not to give ideas, but it was a great idea that would bring more customers. The manager basically fired the other guy that went with me first, cause he was late to go to work, when this employee has ALWAYS BEEN LATE for 5 YEARS, and all of a sudden it was an issue that he was late, when a NEW employee that was late in his first months of working did not last that long, this guy lasted 5YEARS. Cmon people this was all about fixing customer service and improving sales and you get rid of the people that care?

From the outside I basically don't promote VERIZON to nobody, word of mouth is worse than anything, so watch what employees tell, you, if you are going to upgrade or get a new phone, and don't want to make payments on thedevice, there are other options, otherwise youo'll pay more money.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7C93D2

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02/05/16 | 22:52PM
This sounds like "The Blame Game" to me. I would be more interested in: What did you learn? Most all the best executives on the planet have been fired at some point. What separates them is them is that rather than spend all their time and energy "hating" the people who fired them, they delve into other projects.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A29AD5

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