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03/24/15 | 18:04PM
I am ready to have a stroke......

Her is the letter I sent to these a holes.
I lost the case, my lawyer said it was a no win.


"Since the 21st of October, 2014, you have been sending me invoices for payment to the amount of $59.15.
Without getting into great detail, this account was cancelled within 48 hours due to the fact that I had the most horrific customer service experience I have ever had IN MY LIFE with your corporation.
I bought the contract, phone, and accessories at BJ’s at a Verizon kiosk. I was told to visit the Huntington Station “corporate” store within 24 hours to have my existing cell phone # ported to my new “smartphone”.
My first visit to the establishment took over an hour with no resolution, and it was not even busy. Eventually, I had to leave, but Roosevelt, the store Manager, asked if I could come back a few hours later and I “wouldn’t have to wait in line”…
So, I returned at approx. 3:30 PM and was escorted to the counter. After repeated tries by one of your employees to get someone “on the line” to take care of my situation, it started to get busy. The girl had been on hold for a long time and asked if I would hold the line for her so she could take care of other customers.
I was on that line for ONE HOUR AND 23 minutes total, on YOUR office phone, speaking with 4 of your customer service reps over that time, (I kept getting transferred), with most of it being on hold. I had to explain my situation to all 4 reps.
Eventually I had had enough and hung up. I was obviously decently distressed at this point, though NO ONE behind the counter seemed to notice, including Roosevelt.
The next day I went back to B.J’s, and the salesperson calmly cancelled my whole order.
For your record, the return invoice # is 15025IN2980.
I realize I am just a number in your database, but I am extremely insulted by this billing correspondence. Would you be willing to compensate me for the time I wasted with Verizon??
I will not even get into the nightmare I experienced with FIOS.
Please stop sending me payment requests.
My attorney will help with any other questions you may have.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 316911

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