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03/27/15 | 20:59PM
Verizon is a rip off

I had sprint for 10 yrs, but service got near impossible and I switched to verizon since coverage is everywhere, right? Wrong. I have 2 cell towers within a 10 mile radious from me, yet, I never have signal. They lied to me when getting me to switch companies by telling me my bill would be almost cut in half from what I pd with sprint. Well, they lied, its more than doubled. I was charged $1800 for 3 phones that should have been $700 for the 3. Then while setting up online bill pay, their system went down. The acct was set up and although they got my payment they said I was going to have to be a cash only acct for 6 months bc I set up a fake online acct with a made up checking acct. Meaning, I had to pay in store, and pay them $3.50 to be able to pay it in the store. My phone will not send text, or video and they say its my fault bc my phone is too full. I do not have the cloud, and the free storage they give me is empty, so what is full? They treat you like you're an idiot when you call about issues, but it's only bc they don't know how to fix anything. From customer service, to trouble shooting reps..they are all ignorant, disrespectful and arrogant. The local stores employees are liers and do anything to get a sale, even feeding you bs to get you to sign a contract. After 7 months of them, I have decided to go back to sprint where at least I know I get help if an update crashes my phone, they acknowledge its their fault and fix it. They don't make excuses and blame me. The bill may be a little higher, but the service is much better. And I have unlimited everything. Verizon, you suck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 62E97B

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04/30/15 | 9:07AM
It's not Verizon's fault that you are stupid and don't know how to use your phone. Use the technology and look it up like everyone else does. Retard!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CB8E9E

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