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04/08/15 | 14:07PM
Edge Upgrade Fail (Cost me thousands)

Tried to Edge up after my 2 year contract expired. Verizon website said eligible to upgrade to iPhone 6. Could not complete transaction. Called customer service and they tried the old bait n switch at first but I was then told I could upgrade. I explained I must have this phone before Monday morning to start a new job because my current device will no longer connect to WiFi or Bluetooth hot spots which prevents me from working productively on the road. I paid $20 for guaranteed delivery by 12 noon Saturday. The customer service specialist never told me I must accept terms and conditions before it ships. Instead I was told, it shipped and I was good to go. When I discovered this it was too late to get the device by Monday. I called customer service and asked if I could get a device in the store. They said NO. They did promise I would have it Monday so I worked it out with my new client to delay my start date until Tuesday morning. Monday afternoon I called Verizon to ask where my phone was. It did not ship yet, still processing. I spent 3 hours on the phone and finally got a supervisor to call the closest Verizon store, 1 hr away, to have a phone ready for me to pick up at 1pm Tuesday. I called client and explained situation. Tuesday I drive an hour to the store. Phone is there with my name on it but they will not let me leave with it because the Edge agreement activated on the device that finally shipped that day. Even the store managers could not find anyone at Verizon corporate who would do the right thing for me. Called client, lost job $100/hr job. Love the 5 day overnight guarantee, the many promises that were all lies, and the oh so sorry's from your highly trained employees. So fcuk you verison!!!! I will be getting an attorney.

Charles Wagner - Verizon H8er ID: 8E8FCE

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Carilkuexife - Verizon H8er ID: E2F566

12/27/18 | 11:21AM
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melbagy4 - Verizon H8er ID: 85832F

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