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04/18/15 | 10:20AM
$300 lie

Long Story short I went into my verizon store with my android (that was less than 1 year old!) that would not turn on. The guy behind the counter tries to charge it, it wont. Says I need a new phone. I have two option: edge program or take my husbands upgrade and pay a little less than $100 for a phone that day. I picked the edge plan to leave my husbands upgrade alone. The worker packed up my broken phone, sealed the envelope and put a label on it. He told me to send the package in. Done, I walked out of the store. Fast forward to yesterday. Verizon says in numerous calls they will not credit my phone because it was over 45 days late, then in another call because it was the wrong device, then in another call because it was not in working order. So needless to say at this time they have my broken phone and charging me $300 plus charging me a monthly fee for this phone I am on through the edge program. The second person I spoke to said there was nothing she could do, put me on hold. Next thing she connects me to the store that sold me this plan and device. As the store manager is not helpful at all he asks if customer care can take over the line. Guess who was no longer on the line? CUSTOMER CARE! I ask the manager why they transferred me to him he said " I have no idea. They called me and told me to say that you were told you would have a $100-$300 charge for your phone when it was received" WHAT? So that is how this game works. I called back and got the third service rep and told her I was not going to be repeating my story anymore. If Verizon wants to steal from me and lie to me than I can go ahead make a BBB complaint and contact the AG. Why would I pay $300 when I could have walked out of the store for less than $100!!! The service rep did at least agree that this was their fault, I should have never been offered this program as a broken phone does not qualify you. After 1 conversation with my husband and 3 with me that spanned my entire Friday this service rep did finally understand that my account needed to be credited that amount. I have never seen such horrible customer service. We have been a customer since 2000! I cannot believe a their business practice is literally to lie and steal to and from their customers. I was lied to at the store level and lied to from their corporate office. I was stolen from, when they got called out on it they tried as hard as they could to deny it. I had to fight with numerous people to get my money back. This is not my definition of good customer service. This not taking care of customers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8FC34D

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