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04/19/15 | 4:29AM
Verizon Solution Specialist

I work for Verizon and have been with them for well over a decade and I can tell you the last five years have been hell. We are abused and bullied by management. We have observations written up on us constantly and they are used to target employees. Many employees including myself are kept on constant write prevent us from being able to move out of the retail channel. We are required to push junk ellipsis tablets on to customers. We are forced to push $100 accessory bundles on to customers. Customers think that we are stealing money from them ,when in fact, I have to sell at least a hundred contacts and hit a $10000 bucket just to make the minimum commission which is just under $1300. I have to not only do I have to hard sell you, I have to also spend an ungodly amount of time helping customers setup phones and trouble shoot, since Verizon no longer has technicians in their store. I sacrifice weekends and holidays just so I can have a job with good and much needed medical benefits. Many of my coworkers, myself included take anti-anxiety medications and suffer from panic attacks.

My district manager has actually told us to take every penny we can get from customers. I have seen many good and decent people resort to lying and manipulating customers out of desperation in order to hit goals. When we have meetings and try to speak out about what's going on we are shut down, silenced, and yes I have seen people get terminated. I was pulled into the office and told that I was no longer allowed ask questions about policies or procedures in the store meetings. Since then I have been denied a raise, I have had sales directed away from me and given to other reps and I'm on a final write up. I could be terminated any day now. I was ganged up on by four managers in the office and told that I was in danger of being fired. I believe that they wanted me to quit, but if I did that I would not get unemployment plus I could be in danger of losing my pension.

I truly feel sorry for many of the complaints that are on this site. Just know that many of the people that are working for VZW are good people, that want to make an honest living and do the right thing.

The best advice I can give a customer is this: Do not leave the store without paperwork, especially if you are doing Edge. If you do not understand what your signing up for stop and ask the Rep to explain it again. You are not required to buy accessories on Edge. You are not required to use your phone trade in money on accessories. All tablets, even free ones have a $70 restock fee. If customer care offers you a deal over the phone, take it. Understand that Customer Care has to get you off the phone with in so many minutes, THEY WILL SAY ANYTHING TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. Do not expect a rep to spend a lot of time fixing another reps fuck up or problems, time is literally money for us. If you want an online deal in store select to in store pick up option. It will give you the instant rebate in store. If you know that you want to visit a corporate store go online and schedule an appointment. It will get you bumped ahead in que.

Good luck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C150B2

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04/20/15 | 0:21AM
Surprised the illiterate is not ragging on you too. He is anonymous for a reason,,,he is probably a small person physically and mentally.

pahrumper - Verizon H8er ID: C6CA19

04/30/15 | 9:02AM
If you want to work for a non profit company you should donate your time to a charity. You're probably getting written up because you suck. You choose to work there they don't force you to stop being a little bitch!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5694C4

05/06/15 | 17:15PM
The only thing that gives me solace in all of this, is knowing without a shadow of a doubt that the Bible tells me that these people will open up their eyes in Hell!! So it doesn't bother me because they think they are getting away with it in this realm, BUT low and behold when the gates of hell open up when they die!! Good will always out trump evil....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3E8D07

06/08/15 | 2:17AM
I agree with you 100%...make sure you get everything in writing. I ported a number over on 1st of Feb. 2015. By trading in a working smart phone I received a $200 rebate on a new phone and was promised an additional $150.00 in 3 to 4 months on my bill for porting a number over. Well three phone calls, with NO RESPONSE from Verizon! So, I sent a message on face book to Verizon they said I do not qualify for the $150 because I didn't go with the "Edge" program, although all the people I talked to said I did because I signed up between 28th Dec. 2014 and 4 Feb. 2015.
If I wasn't on a fixed income I would leave Verizon, although I do like my Galaxy Note 4 phone. Hello, I have over $324 invested in my phone.

Once again...get it "ALL" IN WRITING...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CA5834

06/08/15 | 2:25AM
Correction... I didn't leave my name to the previous story...but i did leave my email address, and this site didn't post it. So don't say the original didn't have the proper genitalia.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CA5834

02/24/19 | 14:02PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: FD6717

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InnaGot - Verizon H8er ID: 2CEF13

06/15/19 | 9:16AM
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MatTeex - Verizon H8er ID: 532CC8

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