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04/20/15 | 0:29AM
verizon's undisclosed charges on the bill

we transferred out internet service from one address to another and received a $330 bill today! $156 of which was for the technician to come install our service! Never disclosed by verizon! We would have NEVER signed up for that. Also $25 in activation fee, which was promised to be waived by the representative who convinced us to stay with Verizon and a $50 modem fee, which we never paid at the last address. I've called and spent over 3 hours on the phone with Verizon and they said: I'm sorry for the fact that we never told them to you upfront, but the charges are valid. WTH???? How can they do that? Are they crazy?? I also feel backed into the corner because I have no idea what else I can do. They told me to write to their compaints departments to review my calls. I will, but at this point I have no trust in them and I'm just full of anger. I've never written a complaint before as well, so I'm very slow to anger.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4D7B4B

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04/20/15 | 21:27PM
There is no complaint department. This is a tactic used by the phone reps just to get you off of the phone. They will tell you to send an email on the .com website but that is actually unavailable until after 10pm and is not an actual complaint office. They are actually trying to phase this form of contact with them out. You can send a letter to their offline or coorespondance office and their address is on the bill but I wouldn't waste my time with that either. I would call and demand a supervisor or file an executive complaint. You may want to call the PUC as that may help. Good luck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CD7500

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