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04/23/15 | 20:57PM
Loss for Words at How Horrible Verizon Is!!!

Oh my where do I start. The Verizon store on Prien Lake, Lake Charles is staffed by liars. My boyfriend and I share (shared) a plan. However, he was receiving no service at and around his office. When I would go out by his office there was no service. When you spend 80% of your day at work and have horrible non-existent service it’s not a pretty picture. Clients, associates, and coworkers cannot contact you. First Verizon blames it on "hardware issues". They claimed that it was something with the iPhone that was giving him problems. They swapped iPhone after iPhone out and he still received horrible service. Then they told him you need to go to Apple still claiming it is a hardware issue. However, when his phone, my phone, and other employee's phones don't receive service, evidently it is a service coverage issue, not a hardware issue. So we go to Apple in Baton Rouge. They told us while we were waiting, it was a two hour wait, to go to the Verizon next door to get the SIM card swapped, so we could have a fresh start on the device. After experiencing deplorable service in two Baton Rouge stores, and them making a mistake which made the phone incapable of receiving service anywhere we had had enough.
However, the outright lying by techs and a Business Account Executive started in March. My boyfriend, after a very rude conversation with a customer service tech, decided the best route was to terminate his contract. Not wanting to be stuck another month with Verizon, in which he had NO SERVICE we went into the Prien Lake Verizon location, the Friday prior to his bill being due (said bill was due the following Wednesday).
A very sweet lady was there named Skyla Menard. She supposedly is a Business Account Executive for Verizon. She was very sweet and was supposedly extremely concerned for why he was breaking the contract. She guaranteed that on Monday that she would personally, with a tech, go out and test the signal at my boyfriend’s office. She gave us her cell number and said to forward her pictures of any abnormalities that might happen with his phone. Monday came and went and she did not show, nor call to inform him that she was not showing. We called her on Tuesday, and she once again assured us she would be there with a tech to test the service. Tuesday came and went, she again never showed. We called her again, and once more she said she would for sure be there Wednesday. You guessed it, Wednesday came and went and she was a no show again. Then she promised she would come Thursday, again never showed, nor called us any of these numerous times to inform us that she would not make it.
I texted Skyla to see why she had not shown up any of the days as she had promised she would. She flat out lied to me and said while she was able to drive around the building she was never able to enter the building. My boyfriend had been waiting from 7 am-5:30 PM WAITING for her to show every single day! Also, had she come after hours my boyfriend, would have been more than happy to have let her in the building to check the service at the location.
Low and behold, the Wednesday date that we were going to go in and cancel his contract, being that was when the billing cycle restarted, and we could have avoided proration, had passed! After being lied to and having so many promises broken we went into cancel his contract.

To add insult to injury, not only did they when he went to break the contract that Friday tell him that the termination would not take effect until May, they told him he had to pay the entire month of services through May (which is technically the April bill) even though his phone was not working and he was not getting service!!!!!! So that was an additional 100 dollars on top of the termination fee!!!
So we called technical support, spending 5 hours on the phone, and after being bounced around from rep to rep we finally got a hold of a manager who could make executive decisions and helped us, to a degree. I am very thankful for her, but am leery to trust what she says until I see the updated bill. We have had so many broken promises that it is sickening. The total lack of concern, dishonesty, and outright deplorable customer service is astounding. Once my contract expires I plan on leaving Verizon as fast as I can.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D59E8B

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04/14/19 | 15:27PM
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etheluw2 - Verizon H8er ID: 459417

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