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05/26/15 | 13:50PM
No worse than anybody else

I'm afraid your experience with Verizon is typical of the service I've received from all phone companies my entire life. (60+ years of it) I don't know how the attitude got started in the first place, but it seems to permeate the entire industry. Yet it does seem the bigger the company, the worse they are. Not only concerning customer service of course. They push their weight around everywhere they can, from congress all the way down. Maybe Verizon's company motto should be "Screw everyone out of every buck." or "We're no worse than anybody else." But VerizaRape? I LIKE IT! Ahhh.... Corporate America in the 21st century. Gotta love it, right?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D924C5

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05/26/15 | 23:28PM
Get even with your cell company. Use your unlimited minutes during business hours. Listen to radio on your cell phone. Here are some radio stations phone numbers you can use.
gcn 605-562-7700 then # 1-5 for a show.
rbn 605-562-5111
dark matter 605-562-4444.
lrn 605-475-5763.
rense 712-432-7855.
prn 832-280-0066.
repost this where ever you can!

verizon sucks for sure - Verizon H8er ID: 12F0E7

04/13/19 | 13:02PM
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Thomasthick - Verizon H8er ID: 92411F

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