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05/26/15 | 19:46PM
Left Them For Good Today

I had a sit down with my Financial Counselor and she was able to do some simple math for me. I didn't think of it this way, but I will share with you all on how she gave it to me straight to the point:

3 phones monthly charge= $225.00
12 months of payments to Verizon=$2700.00
One time cancellation fee for each line (They are all about $300.00 a piece as of last week)= $900.00
Last Month Bill= $225.00

Total it will take for me to get out of my contract= $900+$225= $1125.00

So according to her calculations, it actually cost me less money to cancel my contracts than to stay with Verizon for a year.

Not sure if everyone is in this position to cancel, but I say it is worth the risk. Now, I am free to go and chose whatever carrier I want. I am not sure if I will go back to a contract deal, BUT it feel darn good to be rid of Verizon. Yes, I know other carriers are just as bad. However, it does feel good to have options now & not me stuck with Verizon.

Not everyone will have a personal financial counselor like myself. However, at your local bank, there should be someone there that can sit down with you and crunch the numbers. I took charge of the situation & not allowed Verizon to take charge. Now I can say after all this headache, it feels like a burden lifted from my shoulder.

Also, if you cancel Verizon, get your last bill and you are making monthly payments towards it, they cannot send you to collection. If they do, go to your local courthouse and file a suit against them. I am almost positive a judge or any lawyer will tell you as long as you are making payments, they cannot send you to collection. Did I mention, my FC is a lawyer as well. Yes, it will cost you money BUT sometimes we have to show no mercy to get some people to act right.

I am pretty sure Verizon will be around for a long time, I am just happy that they are no longer screwing me every month. Sometimes a peaceful mind is better than allowing a company to shit all over you.

Good luck to you all. Piece of advice: Take a damn risk and get the hell out of those contracts. Like my lawyer said, credit can be repaired. Also, document, document, and document. Keep every receipt and paperwork.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1217E5

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05/30/15 | 0:01AM
In about six months time, be on the lookout for a bill from a collection agency collecting from verizon. Yep, they did this to me. I cancelled my contract and returned all their hardware. Six months later I got a letter in the mail that I owed verizon $179. For what I don't know..? I cancelled them, they didn't drop me for non payment I cancelled! So, congratulations for breaking from this scheming corporation that in reality is part of the NSA. But my advice to you is keep your breakup paperwork, you may need it in the near future. Verizon sucks!

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