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06/06/15 | 2:35AM

We left AT&T because the calls kept dropping. We had heard good things about Verizon's phone quality. So, we walked into our local Verizon store in Boynton Beach, FL and a salesperson named "Jay" came over and started talking to us. He was pleasant, assured us that we could change/cancel service anytime, told us what the rates would be, etc., etc. Of course we signed up because what we were quoted was less than what our bill was with AT&T. Well, guess what, people?? As soon as we got the bills the nightmares began. The bill was HIGHER!!!!!! We had traded in our iPhone 5s and were told that it was an instant rebate. WRONG!!! We bought a tablet that "Jay" said was a great deal and as an aside he said it came with its own phone number so it could "link" to the Verizon network and get faster data. My husband and I looked at each other and said no thanks. He then said, "Well, you know the deal is outstanding - $100 for something that normally runs $300 - if you don't want the separate phone line on the tablet, you can cancel anytime." We thought, OK, that's fair enough, so we bought the tablet. We brought our new iPhone 6's home and loved the Verizon quality. But, like I said, as soon as we saw the bill, we were flabbergasted. There were ALL sorts of outrageous prices, charges that didn't make sense, etc., etc. I can't tell you how much time my husband spent on the phone with Verizon ANTI-Customer service representatives - ONE WOMAN NAMED ANGELA HUNG UP ON MY HUSBAND - ANOTHER WOMAN WHO WOULDN'T GIVE HER NAME THREATENED TO DISCONNECT OUR PHONES AND TAKE OUR PHONE NUMBERS BECAUSE WE ASKED WHAT THE BUYOUT $$$$ AMOUNT WAS!!!!! OMG. My husband talked to agent after agent and they ALL gave him the runaround. It was incredible. They were nasty, condescending and rude. Does Verizon get it's customer service reps from GENPOP? This make Glenn Gary, Glenn Ross look like a stand-up shop.
For the record, in my 54 years on this earth, I have NEVER, EVER paid SO MUCH MONEY TO BE TREATED SO HORRIBLY!!!! T-MOBILE, HERE WE COME!!!!


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03/29/19 | 4:03AM
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