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06/08/15 | 20:48PM
documented harassment

The following is additional and more comprehensive information in a complaint against Verizon wireless, originally filed with the FCC on February 12, 2015.

I had been a customer with Verizon wireless for approximately 8 years. During most of that time I was generally satisfied with their service, however starting in late 2013 I began to observe a difference in their customer service, specifically, accessing account information, unauthorized password changes, contradicting information, much longer wait times, lack of follow through with requests and misinformed phone and store personnel. When I made complaints to customer service about these issues I was assured that they would be looked at, however, again, there was no follow through and many “we have no record of your request” responses.
One particular request I made over the phone with customer service was concerning my automatic withdraw account be changed from one account to another. I made the request and that it had gone through, however, they continued to withdraw from the joint account. All funds were eventually removed from this account to prevent Verizon from withdrawing. When I spoke with customer service the representative contradicted the original representative and said that this request had to be done on-line and that it had never been done. I went on-line and even though this information was confusing I had made the changes. In September 2014 while I was on vacation, my service was turned off for non-payment. Verizon had again tried to withdraw money from the empty joint account. We had three different phones connected to one plan and although my phone had less reception than the others, none of us received any notification of disconnect. This proved quite
annoying, as all three of us were dependant on our phones. The subsequent effort to restore my service was the most heated, confusing, rude customer service experience that I have ever had. Verizon would not listen to what the problem was, and they would not do anything until the account was paid in full. (We eventually learned that the online request for account change had not gone through) This had consumed my energy and thoughts for days after, and I was still on vacation!

On October 07, 2014, we (Robin, Mike and Joe, same Verizon account) visited an AT&T store in Reno, Nevada to inquire about the cost of their services. Their monthly service was half of Verizon’s, including one less tablet (we had two with Verizon). To do an accurate cost analysis of the potential switch from Verizon to AT&T I needed to know what the total amount of monies were owed to Verizon for services, devices, and any early termination fees, if any. We immediately visited a Reno Verizon store located at 13981 South Virginia Street #401 and spoke to a sales representative. We told them that we were thinking of cancelling all our service with Verizon because of the potential cost savings and the poor customer service we’ve received. We explained that we were getting 3 lines of service and one tablet for half the cost of 3 lines and two tablets from with Verizon. We informed her that we needed to know what the total cost of cancellation
including service, devices, and penalties for cancelling early. I was very specific about knowing all the costs. She could not calculate the cost of canceling service at the store and that she would have to contact Verizon customer service. (Ironically she stated that customers complain a lot about the customer service and that it’s bad for her too.) When she got off the phone with them, she said it would be about $800, not including the current months service, because it needed to be prorated. I asked besides the prorated amount, was the amount absolutely everything and she said ”yes”. Calculating from this information we would make up the difference in about 6 months. We all decided that is well worth it not to have to deal with Verizon’s service. We asked for her to cancel our service and to send us a final bill. We immediately left for AT&T, acquired service and had our phones numbers ported.

With in a few weeks we started to get robo calls from Verizon and we thought that they were just trying to win our patronage back. When we answered we were put on hold for minutes and we most certainly didn’t want to waste any more of our time with them. On November 25, 2014 we talked with Verizon and they gave us the total amount of $808.80 for the final bill. We paid it in full at this time.

I can’t express to you how this felt not to have these problems anymore, I don’t have to spend hours on the phone with a system that is so confusing that its own employees don’t understand, the inconsistencies that are frustrating for both sides, and the lack of acknowledgement of how the system treats its customers.

Within 2 weeks we started to get phone calls from Verizon, manned and unmanned. The phone calls started once every couple of days to as much as 7 times a day everyday. This would start as early as 8:03am and end as late as 9:47 pm. When we talked with them and asked them not to call us again and the very next day we would get another call. And it continued. We finally talked with them in late December and they explained that they wanted payment for the tablet usage. I explained that we cancelled all our service and we made a final payment in November. Verizon said that was just for the phones, and the tablets had not been cancelled. When we explained that we cancelled everything and inquired more about what records she had. She said that this was confusing and that she didn’t have answers and that the notes didn’t make sense to her. She referred us to a supervisor and we waited on the line and were eventually told that we would have to
call back.

During January and the first part of February when we talked with Verizon, most the time the representatives were only calling for the past due amount. They didn’t have any records of our requests not call us anymore, or records of conversations with other reps. Every time we would have to explain everything over. When we talked with reps and supervisors about the problems they made statements such as; the tablets were suspended and something changed to generate the bill and they shouldn’t been reconnected; “none of this was done right”; “this is all very confusing”; “the information is not adding up”; “this is a hot mess”; “the edge program wasn’t registered correctly”; I cant’ remove you from the call list until you make a payment” “ I’m not sure what is going on here”; “very confusing”; “the account is not adding up”; “this wasn’t entered correctly”. These are just a few of the statement
Verizon’s representatives made concerning their confusion over the cancellation and billing. I requested more than 8 times for them not to call me. The usual response was that they would do it right away, but never did. They had no record of our request. We would have to make a payment first. Finally an executive said that said we would have to talk with the financial department ourselves. Through out January and part of February we continued getting numerous phone calls every day for a demand of payment.
It was very frustrating to receive this many annoying and harassing phone calls. We have received letters threatening to affect our credit.

Finally a FCC complaint was initiated on February 12, 2015, we were contacted by an executive of Verizon, Josh. Although he had an explanation of the bill that the tablets generated he could not explain why they were excluded from our request that everything be cancelled in October. He made me an offer to reduce the usage bill for the tablets. I asked him to tell me what their usage was, and being surprised by his own records, no usage. Both tablets were still in their boxes. He was going to offer a reduction of something I didn’t owe any way. I eventually requested to talk about this at a later date as I was leaving the next day for a month. In March he talked with me and tried to make another offer and I requested, as I did earlier, that he negotiate with Mike (another account user) when he returned late in March. Subsequently without talking with Mike, the executive contacted the FCC with a follow up saying we denied his offer. Mike made
several attempts to talk with executive when he got back home in late March.

During the FCC complaint we continued to get bills and credit threats.

Verizon, by their own admission, did not correctly cancel my service as requested, but only cancelled part and not promptly informing me. By not properly training their employees in the correct handling of cancellations they created patterns of confusion for billing issues, confused and uninformed call takers and their supervisors, inability to answer questions and passing me to some one else that is equally confused. The lack of interdepartmental communication that creates the retelling of complaints, which can in itself be very frustrating and draining especially for a complex issue like this. The run around that never ends. They rely on the confusion they create, the constant phone and robo calling and then telling you they can’t stop it till you pay your bill (when I was in grade school there were boys that would use the same tactics, BULLYING!), and threatening our credit. They know all this wears a person down. We contemplated many times to
just pay them and end this harassment. The problem is we don’t owe them anything!

Imagine this: You hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. You sign a contract. Half way through his workmanship deteriorates, he’s not consistent, nor does he follow through with what he has agreed. He’s moody and irritable, you tell him that you closed the bank account that you use to pay him, but he continues to withdraw from it. He doesn’t do what you ask. You just want to get rid of him. You tell him that you have found someone else to finish the job. You ask him how much you owe him for all his work up to that point and any cost to end the contract and the total amount he wants. He tells you, and you pay him the total amount he asks for. Then a month later he calls you. You don’t want to talk with him because of the terrible experience you had with him. He calls you many times a day and finally you answer. He tells you that you owe him more money, when you ask him why; he is confused and can’t give an explanation. He
continues calling you 7 times a day from 8am to 10 pm. And every time you hear the phone ring you get anxious and have fear to answer. You talk to him again and tell him to stop calling you. He says the only way for him to stop calling is for you to pay up. He tells you that he left some tools at your house and now he is charging you a usage fee. He continues to call and harass you several times a day and threatens to affect you credit. You tell him to pick up his tools and you don’t owe him any money. You discussed all of this when you canceled the contract and he set the total price of cancellation at that time. He then tells you he wants to negotiate and says that he’ll reduce the usage fee but you have to pay for everything else. You just want to get rid of this guy. You thought you got rid of him once before but now he’s back and he wont stop harassing you until he gets his money. You feel like paying him, but only for one reason, to
keep him from harassing you. You have endured countless hours and countless phone calls; you just want it to end. However, because he operates his business with untrained people, the lack of consistency in policy, sloppy accounting methods and complacent customer service he has a huge source of confusion. He wants to make you part of this confusion and blame it all on you so that you’ll take the responsibility, and he can to continue taking money he did not earn, continue shifting his responsibility and being unaccountable for his decisions and actions. You live your life with integrity. Why would you want any part of this by giving in and paying him for something he didn’t deserve? Why do I need to sacrifice my values for someone who doesn’t care to have any? Big business or small business, its all the same!

Verizon’s inadequately trained employees, inconsistent policies and billing methods that even employees don’t understand, complacent attitudes that justify harassment, inability to accept and recognize responsibility, failure to follow through with commitment, and the pursuit of profits that sacrifice accountably and integrity have all led to this incredibly frustrating, time consuming, energy depleting complaint.

To add to the credibility of this complaint, but to protect Verizon employees, I choose not to connect names with quotes but to add the names separately as follows.
Cindy, Nick, Tacara, Linda, LaShawnda, Jamie, Jeffery, Melissa, Crystal, Nicole, Brianna.
I spoke to many more Verizon employees than are listed here, however these are just the ones recorded in my notes.

I hope the FCC will find honor in protecting the consumer from the businesses it regulates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

rb and mj - Verizon H8er ID: EEABCE

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02/22/19 | 20:22PM
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Michaelvurgy - Verizon H8er ID: 0F4C3F

05/18/19 | 14:45PM

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