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06/10/15 | 1:58AM
activate a phone

Someone gave me a S4 I needed a simm card. I called verrizon they said they could send one but it would take a couple of days. There is a verrizon store around the corner. I went there where they told me they charge $10.00 for a free simm card. I went to a corporate store where they said since I wasn't the account holder they would send a pin number to the account holder, I said fine the account holder will forward it to me.The idiot went over to the supervisor. He came back and said no we just won't help you.The account holder called and ordered a simm card.They ask her for her last 4, for security she gave it to them. They sent her a text. She thought it was a confirmation text. After a week she call and ask wheres the simm card. they said she didn't respond to the verification text.So after passing the security to order the simm card you have to verify that you passed the security question. So when we finally got the card we put it in and it wouldn't activate the phone because we need to pass the security check again.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E1F9C9

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