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06/22/15 | 19:45PM
need something done? contact your regional president!

fellow verizon haters with this fucked up company. I finally found a way to get my issues fixed... google search for verizon regional presidents. Find the one that covers your area and send those fuckers emails! Start friendly and get nasty if need be. I actually got one of their assistants that told me straight up i was exactly correct about them collecting every bit of data from every phone on their network. After which all the issues i was having stopped immediately. Have had other issues since that always seem to get fixed after sending the regional president an email. Tech support is a joke. Skip the wasted hours on the phone and go to the top!

P.S. go to sallery.com and look up these assholes salleries. 8 figure per year incomes. I saw one that was 20 million per year!... and yet they treat us like shit sucking every penny out of us. FUCK YOU VERIZON.

fellow verizon hater - Verizon H8er ID: D7D3FD

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