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02/28/06 | 3:11AM

The lady who works for Verizon is incredible. If we are rude, they cut off the service and charge us for it. INCREDIBLE. Verizon always talks about contracts - is that part of it -- if we screw up enough to actually make you mad, we reserve the right to terminate your service. I bet they actually forgot to print that clause in the contract, it's just an implied clause. Verizon screwed up everything from day one on my DSL and their techs know absolutely nothing. One tech actually told me that you couldn't put a wireless router on a DSL line and that was why it wasn't working. Forget the fact that it had been working for 2 weeks (a miracle I guess). They disconnected my phone line 3 times, sent me extra modems for some reason and wanted to charge me for them, disconnected me for non-payment when it was actually a credit balance. I pay $20 more a month for cable internet now and it is worth every penny becuase I will never have to deal with a Verizon rep ever again, or be on hold for over an hour waiting for a tech, or call the right number to have it routed to "east coast" technical service and have them transfer me to "west coast" technical service and be put one hold for another hour. Their own phone service didn't even work right. I haven't had to be rude once to Nextel, Sprint or Comcast, maybe that's the only reason why my service has been great with them.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8AB4F4

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