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06/26/15 | 3:10AM
Matt Sisak

I set up a plan with 3 phones. 1 for me, my wife and my sister-in-law. My sister's phone, a Motorola Droid Mini, overheated on her, burned her face and sparked at her. Verizon, the first time bringing the phone in, said we waited too long to bring the phone in; it was 2 days ago. Next they told us there was damage on the phone screen; when your phone gets so hot and sparking, you are supposed to hold on to it, not drop it. I asked to took to the store manager and the tech took the phone into the back, when he and the store manager came back out, 2 marks were pointed out to me on the casing, as if someone tried to open the phone. THESE WERE NOT THERE WHEN I GAVE THE PHONE TO THE TECH!. Ultimately, they said to just file through with the insurance and get a new phone that way. $150 deductible to not take care of the issue. This phone did something to cause the burns on my sister-in-law. I called Verizon Tech support and was told everything the store manager said was wrong, and to go to a different store and "It will be taken care of".
Well the next store plugged the phone in and waited about 15 min., the phone didn't get hot so as far as they were concerned, the broken screen was the issue and we were back to paying $150 to get this phone replaced. I next tried Motorola and found out that there is another droid mini in there records that is showing the same issues. I am sending pictures of the phone to them to see what, if anything can be done. I doubt it after the manager of the Verizon store put pry marks on the case.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EFD41C

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