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07/13/15 | 13:23PM
Bait and switch

I was looking for internet service for a temporary apartment I was going to be staying in for 6 months. I called Cox and they said they had a 100MBs NO CONTRACT plan for $49.99/month. I called Verizon and they said they could do 15MBs, no contract for $35 a month. I said lets do it. A month later I get a bill and it says 24mo contract. I called the rep back and he told me that was a mistake and that he would talk to his manager. A few min later he said it was take care of. A month later I get my bill and its still showing the 24mo contract. I called back several times and was told each time they would be getting back with me.... never did. BUT, the following month, the lingo of 24mo. had been removed from the bill so I figured they finally figured it out. Well... I called to cancel and was told that I was in a 2yr contract. I said that I thought that taken care of several months ago. They said no, they sent me an email prior to installation that showed the 2yr agreement and I should have called then. So basically, they are telling me I should not have trusted their sale people and I should have quadruple checked everything they were doing and to ensure they didn't "legally" screw me over. Why the hell would I sign up for a 2 yr agreement if I was only going to be living in the apartment for 6 months?!?!?!?!?!

Beware of Cedric in Chesapeake Virginia. He was the "outside" sales rep, which I'm thinking Verizon uses so they can then no be tied to the bait and switch techniques. They also sub out their box collections to UPS so they don't get angry customers in their stores after finding out they got screwed too. There are many strategies that Verizon uses to limit handle its army of pissed off customers. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just provide a superior service and customer service? Why would they run their business like the mob? What benefit's them from pissing off everything they deal with?

How can we get back at Verizon legally? I'm going to pay this extortion +.01 penny so they have to spend time and money to print a check up to send back to me. Maybe that will cost them $2? idk. Any other strategies you all know of to cost them money? I have also been calling up their customer reps and wasting 20-30 min of their time every few days. I figure they make $10 an hour, so over the next few years, I might be able to cost them a few $100's? Any other ideas? Maybe we can all flood their lines at the same time to prevent new potential clients from getting access to them and costing them more.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C010DE

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04/29/19 | 20:21PM
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josephinepz69 - Verizon H8er ID: 6D3E7F

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