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07/14/15 | 13:21PM
CFPB Settlement

Those F'ing thieving JERKS at Verizon charged my account for may be 2 years until my spouse asked, "What is this charge here". I called Verizon and the said, "it's a 3rd party charge". WHAT! when did I authorize $10 per month to be STOLEN from my account. I called the 3rd party entertainment / texting service and I called them "a bunch of THIEVES". They only reimbursed me ONE MONTH out of 2 years.

I also let those Jerks at Verizon to talk me out of my spouses UNLIMITED DATA. OH HOW PAINFUL IT HAS BEEN SINCE WE LOST THAT UNLIMITED DATA. I've since figured out how to keep MY unlimited data and will continue to purchase phones full price from now until the zombie apocalypse.

The only reason I stay w/ those THIEVES is because of the my unlimited data.

Thanks for letting me vent :D

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 066F28

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07/15/15 | 0:07AM
I do understand your frustration with the 3rd paty company but that is on you, not Verizon. As much as I loathe Verizon, they can't stop a company from attaching charges to your bill unless you request a bill block. If u don't have that on there a company can send charges over. It is up to u to review your bill. If u let it go on that long that is on u. The company that attached these changes should be able to tell u how it was added. They will let u know who added it. I tell everyone CHECK YOUR FUCKING BILLS!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E0DDAB

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