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07/20/15 | 22:06PM
Go ahead, makone with 6 differente my day

One hour 10 min on phone with 6 different service reps. Jist is that in 1997 when Vz acquired Alltel, one of them made my account a "business" account for unknown reasons, as I never owned a business and have worked for my current employer for 35 years. This came to light when I tried to qualify for my employer's discount of 10% ($4)on the basic line. The final "supervisor" tells me that in order to move my bus acct to a personal account they must run a credit check. They could not, after sending me bills at my current zip code for 13 years, match it with my cellphone number. The are no exceptions to running the credit check for any reason, even though they created the problem 18 years ago. I explained that too many inquiries may lower my credit rating, which is currently "very good". There are no exceptions says the young female "supervisor". I can write them, at a "Correspondence Team" address which will likely result in a form letter response. It was suggested early on that since the website was non responsive to my requests for the discount that I go to a store. I had already done that where my request for my employer discount was summarily ignored but the response that I was "due" for new phones was certainly brought to my attention, now that my contract was up. Customer service does not exist at Verizon. Either I forego my discount, or ding my credit with their credit check (Customer since 1997)
Great service!!!Not

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F65FF2

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