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07/29/15 | 13:28PM
Almost lost my mind.

So i ordered Verizon Fios and the sent me the equipment early and i was happy. Although things quickly took a turn for the worse. They sent me an email requesting that i sent proof of residency because someone in the building was already registered as a verizon customer with MY apartment #. I provided proof of my lease (faxed, emailed & uploaded) and it wasn't good enough for verizon customer service and may i add that i also sent them a computer generated layout of my house detailing all 4 of the apartments in the house. No matter how much proof i sent and no matter how many times i called and no matter how many times explained my self over and over they said they couldn't take my word for it and i needed to have my landlord confirm all this. So when i got home i knew my landlord was around and i gave them a call which lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes only to have verizon put me on hold for 96% of the time and then tell me i had to call a different department the next day.It got no where so i cancelled and even that was a problem because they rep that was talking to me at the time had an attitude and the second that i said i wanted to cancel she hung up on me and didn't send me an email confirming my cancellation. Next day i called verizon again so they can send me return labels for the equipment they sent me and all three different reps i spoke to about this either lied to me and told me they would send me tracking with confirmation through email< never happened or they told me that my order was cancelled and they couldn't do anything about it and the last guy told me i had to hand in the equipment my self at a local store so he gave me two different #'s and locations which both turned out to be bogus. Luckily because of youtube there's an unboxing video which shows that their equipment comes to your home with return labels in case the customer changes their mind. I still don't feel like this is over until i know they received their package. Knowing them they'll lie and say they never received the equipment and send me a huge bill for all this. I'll never trust that company again and i cringe when i see their logo. Thanks!

dissatisfied customer - Verizon H8er ID: 9F5531

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04/08/19 | 3:48AM

Donaldedicy - Verizon H8er ID: 5DE01A

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