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07/31/15 | 15:08PM
Verizon sent my account to collection agency without any notices.

Please understand that my first language is not English

I am so pleased that I am not only person fighting against to Verizon. My nightmare has began since May. 2015. They charged me early termination fee when I had move in service to new apartment on Jan. 2014. I did not know that they charged me early termination fee because they never sent me any billing, letter, phone calls, or email, and Verizon's agents promised that I did not have any early termination fee because I continue Verizon's service.
However, as you can imagine, Verizon sent my account to collection agency without any notice. I found this on May. 2015 when I applied for student loan. Since Verizon reported my account to collection agency, I have negative history on my credit.
I disputed this to Verizon's recovery department, and they said "if you pay the balance, I will remove your negative account from your credit history". But, nothing happened. They lied. I called to same department, but they changed their word "Because already you paid your balance, we cannot remove your negative account from your credit history." They are very evil-minded.

I wanted to ask good ideas and let Verizon users know what they have done for me. So I posted this issue on the Verizon's forum in the Verizon site. But, a Verizon's agent removed my post from the forum and suspended my account on the forum. She said "after resolving your issue, you can upload your issue. If you agree with this, I will re-open your account." I think they are not willing to resolve my issue, so... it means that they are not going to allow me to upload the issue on the forum.


CK - Verizon H8er ID: 3607AA

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08/01/15 | 0:42AM
File an executive complaint. They may call it a presidential escalation. If u had fios and were in a contract, if u move and you at least get basic phone service they have to waive the etf. Don't agree to sign up for anything. They will lie thru their teeth. Good luck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6ADBBE

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