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07/31/15 | 17:00PM
Verizon complicit in credit fraud

A few weeks ago, my son paid his Verizon bill. However, he accidentally used my Visa debit card instead of his own (I'd given him my card that day to buy some groceries). When he discovered the mistake, he called them back and gave them his card number.

Verizon then proceeded to charge us, and charge my son, both. We called Verizon, who told us to dispute the charge with the bank. We called the bank, who said that the only way to get our money back would be to file charges against my son for making an honest mistake.

Verizon was informed this was the wrong card number before the money came out of our bank. While my son's actions were an accident, Verizon's were deliberate. We are planning to file charges indeed - against Verizon.

We do not have a Verizon account. And we never will, after this.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A23B68

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