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08/01/15 | 0:47AM
Verizon sucks

After a few years on Verizon DSL, I moved and use free wifi now through my landlord. I continued to use my Verizon email through their Webmail. No problem for almost two years. Today they cut me off abruptly, wouldn't even let me back in to retrieve my saved files.

When I used DSL it was a roommate who handled that account. He got so disgusted with Verizon he paid twice as much for Vonage just to get Verizon out of the mailbox.

Today's 48-minute session with what Verizon laughingly calls "customer service" involved four (4) CS reps. They just kept handing me off, each time requiring me to start over. I kept asking for a supervisor but I never got one.

I cannot believe a bunch of dickheads like this are still in business!!

mattinlancaster - Verizon H8er ID: 4F9C83

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09/02/15 | 17:03PM
If you take more than 10 min of their time, they pass you to a different department or accidently hang up on you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 798C4C

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