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08/09/15 | 16:02PM
10 years folks

My Verizon DSL sucks! I have been fighting with them for over six years. And all I get in response is were working on it. Really? My Verizon bill gets paid on time without delay. They tell me I'm too far away from the station and the best they can give me is one to 3 MB. In the entire six years I've been complaining I've never gotten 3 MB. Talk to them a couple weeks ago and they were going to have a technician come out to the house and rewire the service thinking that would improve my speed. The connecting me to a guy in the Philippines who guaranteed it would be calling me the next day to set up an appointment. That call never came. I am in a mobile home and live in a park where DSL via Verizon is my only option. I've written letters to the CEO in charge of DSL, no response. I expect to get what I paid for. I've asked them to hook me up with FiOUS but all I get from them is were working on it. There has to be some governmental regulation agency that we can write to and complain. Because talking to them Verizon does absolutely no good.

Fred Johnstone - Verizon H8er ID: 4445EC

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09/20/15 | 15:21PM
Finally got a Verizon tech to come out and fix my problem. He set me up with a dedicated DSL line. But he refused to come into my house and install a Jack. So I paid him $100 to do 10 minutes worth of work. The only problem is with the line. It's been outside in the weather for 30 years. The problem with the slow broadband continue. So I called the tech and ask him to put in a new line and he said he would. After many texts messages and excuses why he didn't come by, I just figured I got screwed out of a hundred bucks and still have the same problem. As stated before VERZION SUCKS!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6D324A

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