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08/12/15 | 7:01AM
Verizon stole from my checking account!

Last week, I was checking my bank accounts online as usual, and discovered my checking account was in the negative over $200! The source? Verizon. Which is odd, considering that I am no longer with Verizon and haven't been for over a year now, and I called Verizon customer service to verify that I had no outstanding balance. They couldn't even find the transaction! So the next day, I filed dispute paperwork with my bank, and the money came back through ACH. I then closed my checking account and opened a new one. The bank printed out a detailed copy of the unauthorized transaction with a name and number, so I took it to a manager here at the local Verizon store. It's odd that no one knows where this charge came from, even though it lists Verizon Wireless as the source with a person's name and description of the type of transaction (it was an automated payment through an e check?!)
! I left my name and phone number in case they can find anything, but I haven't heard anything yet. Beware of Verizon! Good phone service, but misleading and dishonest company! I will never ever ever go back to Verizon after this! Do not sign on with this company if you don't want to be stolen from!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5EF258

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