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02/28/06 | 3:25AM

On March 29,th I received notice from Allied Interstate regarding an outstanding Verizon Wireless bill totalling $422. I immediately contacted Verizon and gave them my information and they informed me that my bill is current and correct. In fact, I have been a Verizon Customer for 12 years and I have always paid my bill in a timely manner. I called the collection agency who told me that not only did I owe the bill, Verizon had charged off my account and that this appears on my credit. I verified that in fact, Verizon posted negative information on my credit. They went on to tell me that the notice of March 29th was the third such notice sent to me. I informed them it was absolutely NOT the third notice that I had received. They also gave me a phone number with a 402 area code as the origination of the fees. My phone number is 303-and Iíve had that number for 8 years. I have never lived in the state of Nebraska nor have I ever had a phone with that area code. I called Verizon back again, to be told they donít have access to the Nebraska number and they referred me to another call center in another state. That call center informed me that an account was opened under my name and social security number on August 21, 2004. They canít tell me how the account was opened (via internet, store, phone) or in what manner (move, new account, etc.) Coincidently, I was traveling out of state on August 21 and my phone was put into out of service. I spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon on August 21 argueing with them regarding why my phone was discontinued. The verizon rep kept saying that I discontinued it and I did not. They continually said that someone who said they were me with my social number discontinued my phone. I then put a pass code on my account in the event that someone tried to access my account. My phone was re-connected on August 22. This account is a fraud account or some sort of Verizon Billing error. Verizon could have prevented such an occurance through the following: 1) Verizon never made some sort of a reference from the shut off of my phone to the restart of a new account on August 21. There should have been some reference that someone claiming to be me indicated that they wanted a transfer account to Nebraska. This would have been a red flag that I would have halted immediately. 2) Verizon has no way of tracking social security numbers. When I call different call centers, they cannot see that I have multiple accounts in multiple statesand that should be a red flag internally to Verizon. Because of this lack of references internally, someone could do it again in different states without my consent! 3) Verizon never made any attempts to call me with regards to the outstanding bill. At no time, did Verizon call, mail or email me with regards to the outstanding bill-even though all the information is correct and on file. 4) Verizon posted negative information to my account without performing a simple internal check to see that I had an open, valid, regularly paid account. A simple check would have revealed that it was odd for my non-payment on one account and full in another. 5) Verizon obviously didnít check credit. The address the fraudulent account gave was NOT on my credit. This should have been a red flag and stopped the account from being opened. 6) I set a password on my account that is absolutely useless. I have called and gone into Verizon retail stores and am not asked about my passcode. I asked an employee on two occasions why didnít they ask and both said they didnít see it right away. It makes no difference since Verizon allows others to set up accounts in other states with no check internally. 7) I ordered the statements on April 2005 for the police department to see what and where the calls were made. After much argueing with the customer service representative, I did finally receive them. There were never any calls made on the account! It looks like there was some sort of beginning balance on the date the account was opened that kept accruing monthly service charges.

- Verizon H8er ID: A1E7CE

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08/19/08 | 21:39PM
patheitc. verizon rocks =]

- Verizon H8er ID: 5132D4

05/02/19 | 17:38PM
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