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08/22/15 | 6:35AM
Former call center rep

Former rep here finally out of that evil companys clutches got sick and tired of there unethical practices and went back making a honest living in the world of security making more then Verizon paid me here are a few examples of what is required for employees there. One we are required to keep our calls 10 minutes or under or we get written up, this makes it extremely hard while trying to walk a 80 year old man set up voicemail or how to work his iPhone or trying to mAke sense of the charges on a bill. If we are over 10 mins we start getting emails from "workforce" telling us to wrap it up NOW! And when they see that you haven't read the emails they send a person over wearing a wireless headset "radio" to tell you to wrap it up by any means necessary. That's when I was told just transfer them to tech support or to our "financial experts", second of all in customer service our job is 90% cleaning up the messes that stores make and then the stores blame it on phone reps. Phone reps have 3 months training while store reps get 2 weeks that's it. And the first week is indoctrination on how to sell everything but the kitchen sink. Stores will blatantly lie to customers, example being " Go home and call customer service and they will waive that I'll even put a note in your account.well I open your account no notation ok so i call the store and speak to the rep that promised you that. He says no way I speak to my supervisor he says no I break the news to you and boom I fail a survey because of lies by the store. Stores will deliberately add features to your account without telling you because they get commission even for adding insurance to the account. Managers do not care and neither do store reps there philosophy is o let customer service deal with it. Most of the time the billing is right but the way it's billed is overly confusing even with our training I mean how can we expect you to understand it when we can't even understand it ourselves. All iam saying is keep these things in mind when your on the phone with a rep and ALWAYS read what the store puts in front of you to sign especially with the phase out of 2 year contracts the stores are salivating over that because there gonna make triple the commision

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3CA7A4

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09/12/15 | 1:00AM
There's no triple commission dumbass. I wish! And when you idiots tell people they can get new devices free when not eligible, then send them in, and are surprised when we say no?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F75F53

09/17/15 | 16:36PM
Yup it's our revenge to dumbass stores who fuck over customers you say go home and call us we say only y'all can do it....so start doing your jobs

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 02777A

09/30/15 | 1:55AM
We do our jobs just fine. Problem is you guys promise shit you won't honor yourselves. Supposed to be one team, yet you wonder why customers are upset when you send them in to wait an hour at a store so you can be under 10 mins on the call

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 87E838

01/07/16 | 2:36AM
What department of customer service do you work in? This is a lie! Calls are supposed to be resolved within 12 minutes not 10 and that's adequate time to resolve someone's issue if you know what your doing

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 229393

04/18/19 | 13:04PM
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HarryHop - Verizon H8er ID: 24DDE0

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