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08/22/15 | 15:53PM
Stuck with homefussion wireless

I'm going to keep it short due to recently getting off the phone with Customer Support and being enraged . I live in Gum Spring VA. which is a little town/village in Louisa and Goochland counties, right on the border. It's located in between 2 large cities, Richmond and Charlottesville..... Anyways I have to use Verizon wireless homefussion which some may already know is a hotspot type service where you use the 4GLTE cell phone crap as your Internet . Some people say its great. They must live right beside the tower that noone else connects to. Me hower, im on " the edge of the line that gets service and doesn't " i was told by several techs that have been to my residence. Basicly I get limited service. My average download speed is less then 1MBPS its 466.7 KBPS at this time. The highest I've seen it was 8.4MBPS and this was around 3:30am -- 4:00am. EST. Upload speed on average is 600 KBPS and has never been higher then 1.4 MBPS . The peaks of the service is after 12:00am and runs through 7:00am. When i like to get some sleep. So my service sucks as far as connection is concerned. Well im charged per GB. i get 40GB a month and its not cheap. I do alot of online gaming on PS4. I Can't use netflicks cause the amount of data it consumes. Anyways ... Why don't i use Fios or Comcast? Some might ask. Well the fiberoptic service is great but they stopped running the lines about less then a mile from my home. So my only choices are Verizon wireless homefussion or satellite Internet . Satellite Internet has a delay to it. They say if you use your Internet for gaming the don't recommend it because the signals fro the satellite takes a while to travel to your dish and it causes a delay in service up to 2 seconds. So im stuck with my Verizon wireless homefussion crap that's basically dailup and is outrageous in cost. They know this heck a tech told me they know i have no other choice. Thankfully i was told that the fiberoptics would be ran to my home within the next few years... Who knows when but until then im stuck with my crappy Verizon wireless. The end

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F6CA2D

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05/02/19 | 13:49PM
unethost http://blog.unethost.com/

Williepax - Verizon H8er ID: E493AB

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