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08/28/15 | 22:49PM
Scumbag Verizon jagoffs

7 years ago when I became a Verizon customer I got cable, internet and phone service with no deposit.
Now after 7 years of paying on time and in full I am moving and wanted to transfer my service. And NOW they say they must have a $250 deposit!!!!.
With no payment history they don't need a deposit but after 7 years of timely payments they suddenly need a deposit. That is completely ass backwards and makes no sense.
These clowns kept me on the phone for 5 hours, hung up on me 3 times, sent me from dept. to dept. like a ping pong ball and NEVER could give me a logical explanation on exactly why they suddenly needed a deposit.
Comcast just got a new customer.

Pissed in Sarasota - Verizon H8er ID: 2F6929

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