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02/28/06 | 3:33AM
I'm being charged $625 in error

I was thrilled with the idea of adding a new phone so that my son could have a phone to call me and take with him on his outtings and I wouldn't have to worry about him. I went to Radio Shack and bought a new phone for him and changed my account to be a shared account. I was informed that once in the past year my bill was paid late to they required a $125 deposit that I would get back at the end of the year. I was ok with that since I did, in fact, pay my bill late last year. So I gave them my debit credit card. I charged and signed for $125. The next day I checked my account online only to be shocked to see that they put a hold on $625 on my checking account. I called them and received the run around. They told me that it was Radio Shack's fault. I went to Radio Shack and handed the cashier my cell phone and said "I'm on the phone with Verizon and they tell me that it is your fault that I'm being charged $625 in error". We engaged in a two hour conversation and I received no satisfaction. I was told that I had to wait about two days and the charge will fall off and then the original $125 would be charged. I had to be patient. I waited and sure enough the hold fell off. Then to my shock this morning, I checked my account and they charged the full $625. I had to fax them my checking account sheet to PROVE! to them that they actually took out the $625 because, of course, they had no record of it. AFter about 5 phone calls demanding that they take care of this immediately they told me that they would give me my money back and, get this, they admitted that they had made the mistake - not Radio Shack. They said all I have to do is wait 30 days. Now I tell you. What normal working American person can just let any old company sit on $500 of their money for no reason at all. I am so angry and want to cancel this account but I'm sure they will ding me with the early termination fee. So if Verizon did this to about every 10 customers, wouldn't they be boosting their profits for the year. If they had $500 for 30 days for one out of every 10 customers they would be really doing fine. Those that have had this rip off happen to them just have to bend over and get screwed!

- Verizon H8er ID: C76D30

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