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02/28/06 | 3:35AM
I will pay the bill as I do not want a hit on my credit rating.

I signed up for a shared plan for my wife and daughter. This was a local plan with 500 minutes and 100 text minutes for my daughter for AN ADDITIONAL $2.99/MONTH. The first several months the billing was fine and then the text charges started going through the ceiling. After I receive a bill for $192.00 (should be around $68.00) I called Verizon Customer Service. Got the total bulls**** run around about the charges being valid. Once I received the bill that I knew was totally bogus I took physical possesion of my daughters cell phone for a four day period. During this time I watched the text message charges increase by about 10 sent messages per day even though the phone was turned off and in my possesion. The out box log on the phone indicated (3) text messages during the billing period, Verizon current usage statement indicated 427 messages during the same period. If fact the number increased as I was speaking o the Verizon Customer Service Rep. They informed me that they cannot disclose the text activity due to privacy matters. I will pay the bill as I do not want a hit on my credit rating. Once the 2 year contract runs out I am dumping Verizon. What a crock, they cannot prove the charges yet I am required to pay. I would love to see Verizon get hit with a major lawsuit exposing their criminal billing activity. Why is Verizon not in the headlines for fraudulent business practices. My guess is that these guys are screwing a ton of customers. The best is when I asked the Verizon Rep if they had experienced similar problems with other customers they replied "NO", this is the first time we have seeen this. I am left no alternatve other then stopping the text service for my daughters phone. This totally sucks that a responsible young lady is being penalized in the name of corporate greed.

- Verizon H8er ID: 023A77

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02/11/11 | 15:21PM
This is EXACTLY what happed to me except my bill was $1260. When I called Verizon - and after speaking with one person in so-called authority after another - they wanted to "settle" or "compromise" by offering to reduce the bill. I said "no" as my information on my bill is not in harmony with a $1260 bill.

My daughter and my usage on our phones were actually less then the previous bill so why this fourfold increase in the bill.

They hemmed and hawed about it; and even got rude threatening disconnection rather than admitting that they made a billing mistake. If I could see it, why couldn't they.

I was only able to resolve the issue by threatening a lawsuit, contacting local radio, TV and newspapers; and by asking for names and phone numbers of the highest persons in authority; and if I could not, my lawyer and I would come down to their facility that day and serve notice. It would have been a scene and i guess the local manager did not want to be responsible for the bad press or inquiries.

My bill was reduced to what it was consistently for the past 12 months.

I am with Verizon only because of the coverage they provide. What is needed in a competitive wireless company that offers the same coverage and service at a more reasonable price. I do not see that happening anytime soon. This would break the Verizon monopoly.

RJH - Verizon H8er ID: 77564D

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