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09/21/15 | 23:48PM
Placerville store threatened to have me arrested

I went into the Placerville, CA store over the weekend of 9/19 to see if it made sense to switch to their new S/M/L/XL plan. The store manager decided to "help" me. First thing he did was badmouth my phones- the ones his store sold me as a great phone. Hmmm. Then I was told I did not qualify for the new plan- interesting because Verizon had sent us an email saying we could switch to it and from my calculations we would get an additional gig of data for a slightly less cost. Hmmm. Nope, he said, because my THREE phones were under contract. Wait I said- I only have TWO phones under contract and we bought another outright for my high school age son (he earned it with good grades). He insisted we had not broiught in our own phone because it said so on his screen. I informed him that I HAD brought in that phone and added it to our plan in his store and his screen was wrong. No, *I* was the one that was wrong. I insisted several times until he started getting annoyed and then he finally decided to look into it one screen deeper on his system and, LO and Behold, there was a note saying we had brought in our own phone LIKE I WAS SAYING. Huh, his information was wrong because his store had entered it wrong. I was getting quite annoyed at this point. So apparently, for most of this year, we had been paying service contract fees for our own phone based on what HIS store had put in. Hmmm. He then noted I was getting sarcastic in my responses (true) but I pointed out that his store was ripping me off (non-contract rates are half the contract rates so we were being ripped off for hundreds of dollars- wouldn't you get sarcastic??) Realizing he was WRONG, and not willing to do anything about it, he then told me to leave the store and picked up the phone to CALL THE POLICE to have me removed if I did not leave. He had not fixed his store's screw up, nor was he going to try to fix the billing error and he was going to have me arrested. He went right to the "leave or I call the cops and I had not yelled, or get phyisical or anything other than point out, sarcastically, that HIS store was the one who screwed me. Arrest me? Who was robbing who??!?! Well I figured it was a no-win situation so I took his card and left. My parting statement was to enjoy his job as long as he had it because I was going to see that it would not last long. We have complained to Verizon Corporate but I am unsure if anything will come of that.
Do I hate Verizon- well, YES, at least the Placerville store manager (some of the people there are definitely nice, knowledgeable and helpful- but not all of them esp not the manager "DJ")! The Verizon wireless signal is about the only thing going in my area and we have another year on contract before we can even attempt to switch. I guess Verizon Corporate's response to the actions of the Placerville store manager will dictate if I hate Verizon overall. They sure ruined my weekend and created unnecessary stress. I leave it up to you if you should avoid Verizon overall, or just the Placerville, CA store.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 280888

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09/25/15 | 23:43PM
they are overall thugs, if only they had bad lawyers, id sue them for so many things.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E09A25

10/01/15 | 3:27AM
Sadly you're not going to get anywhere calling care. Best bet is go to another nearby store and ask for the district managers cell number (they have it). That's the one thing that yields results, but otherwise you won't get much bud.
-a vzw store mgr

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F8E2E9

10/02/15 | 4:22AM
You could take Verizon to small claims court for the contract fees. You could also file a civil suit against the store manager for discrimination.
- law student

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4EEC00

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