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10/04/15 | 3:08AM
Tablet lies

I am on the Verizon edge plan. In May I "edged up" owing $199 on my S4. I received my S6 on a Friday afternoon, went to the store the next day to purchase an otterbox. Once I picked one out the salesman asked it is got my free tablet? I said NO I didn't know anything about it. He explained that I could get a tab 4 for free. He explained that they were $100 and for trading in my S4 I would get a credit of $100.then I could take the credit and apply it to my bill. I sent the S4 back and waited for the credit. After 6 weeks I called expained everything they said I should have gotten it in the mail but they didn't see it on my account. They called the store had me on a 3 way call with the manager who said I needed to come in. Several weeks went by and August 30th I went to the store waited 1 hour talked to a salesman explained everything he made copies of what I brought in and said he would credit me immediately. New bill came out the other day still no credit. I went today waited 45 minutes explained everything the guy looked at my account said I wasn't eligible for the $100. I told him I would have NEVER gotten a tablet. He talked to the manager came back gave me more excuses such as "we have no record of you coming in Aug 30th even though I pointed out the guy who helped me. Then he said because I still owed on my S4 I wasn't eligible. He talked to the manager again and finally came back with my 2 options. #1. Return the tab,pay restocking fee and they cancel contract. I told him he was crazy I've already paid for it and the connection charge why would I GIVE it back and give them money to do that. #2.they would credit my account $25.00. I said neither was acceptable and left before I got ugly with them. This is not the last they will hear about this

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 34D947

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